Job Opportunities

Sales Engineer

Place of work

Job responsibilities
1.Responsible for the sales of products in the area under its jurisdiction
2.Responsible for the planning and implementation of sales activities in the sales area, and achieve sales targets
3.Open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales
4.Maintain and enhance existing customer relationship
5.Complete part of technical support work and communicate with customers
6.Responsible for collecting market and industry information to deepen understanding.

1.College degree or above, major in engineering or related
2.More than 2 years working experience in sales is preferred
3.With strong customer communication skills and high business processing ability, with good team spirit
4.Strong learning ability and challenge spirit.

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Electrical engineer

Place of work

Job responsibilities
1.Plan making, according to the technical requirements of the machine, work together with the mechanical design department to make the equipment R & D plan;
2.Drawing, according to the final plan, draw the electrical schematic diagram, wiring diagram and production department drawings;
3.Model selection and list making, responsible for model selection, price comparison of electrical components, and making procurement plan and electrical procurement list;
4.Programming, according to the equipment action flow chart, write the equipment program, including PLC, touch screen, visual system and other programmable equipment program;
5.Verify the program and debug, debug the equipment according to the technical requirements of the equipment to meet the requirements of technical parameters. Record the problems in debugging and parameter setting;
6.On site debugging, cooperate with the after-sales service department and customers to debug and improve the equipment, and conduct operation training for customers' related personnel;
7.Problem feedback, feedback all problems after equipment debugging to all departments, organize relevant personnel to hold a meeting to discuss and solve problems, and cooperate with the sales department to check the equipment of customers
8.Data and procedure filing, collection, arrangement and filing of electrical and graphic data.

Job requirements
1.College degree or above, majored in electrical and related, fresh graduates are acceptable;
2.More than three years of design experience in automation equipment, able to independently complete the design, programming and debugging of the electrical part of automation equipment is preferred;
3.Master the use of CAD or EPLAN drawing, master PLC, HMI programming, have a certain understanding of servo motor;
4.Have team spirit, can accept certain business trip;
5.endure hardships and be capable of hard work.

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Sales assistant

Place of work

Job responsibilities
1.Responsible for the classification and management of company sales and other sales related documents;
2.Responsible for all kinds of marketing data collation, and reply to the leader's questions about the sales situation at any time; assist the sales director to summarize and sort out the relevant market data;
3.Accept the entrustment, help the sales director to arrange, contact and receive customers;
4.Assist sales director to deliver sales materials to customers;
5.Assist the sales director to organize and hold the marketing activities, and carry out the specific meeting affairs;
6.Complete other tasks assigned by sales director.

Job requirements
1.Full time unified recruitment college degree or above, can accept fresh graduates;
2.Master the use of office software;
3.Team work spirit, can accept short-term business trip;
4.Cheerful personality, good communication skills.

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Regional Sales Manager

Place of work

Job responsibilities
1. Achieve sales targets through individuals and channels in designated industries and regions;
2. Develop new customers and partners in assigned industries and regions
3. Provide timely and effective market information to sales director
4. Provide and organize technical training for customers and partners
5. Establish good communication channel and relationship between customers and agents to promote sales
6. Lead the team to achieve performance targets

Job requirements
1. College degree or above, major in mechanical engineering is preferred;
2. More than 5 years of experience in sales of mechanical products, channel development experience preferred;
3. Strong interpersonal communication skills, team spirit, subjective initiative, result oriented, energetic;
4. Good use of office software

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