Wuxi Gas Purification Solutions Co.,Ltd, GPS, was established in June 2016 with a registered capital of RMB 18 million. Located in Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu. GPS is a high-tech enterprise committed to zero purge and energy-saving compressed air treatment technologies which supported by local government departments. The enterprise covers an area of 3600 square with all its employees possessing university degrees. GPS has an experienced professional R&D team engaged in the technical research of Desiccant dryer of compressed air treatment. GPS has a group of high-end talents in R&D, design, service, management and other professional fields. It has a cooperation with well-known Chinese universities in research and development of new zero purge and energy-saving air treatment products and technologies.

GPS is a high-tech compressed air post-processing enterprise certified by ISO quality management system. The product performance and safety indicators meet the requirements of GC009G01 "Code for the Implementation of Compressor Product Certification", which has been approved and supervised by the State Accreditation and Supervision Commission. At the same time, it is also a member of Gas Purification Equipment Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association.

GPS is mainly engaged in air treatment equipment production, sales and technical services, electrical machinery. The main product is Desiccant dryer, such as: zero purge Desiccant dryer, rotary Desiccant dryer, Heat of compression Desiccant dryer, blower purge Desiccant dryer. Customers of our company are from steel, electronics, textile, energy, chemical fiber, automobile, pharmaceutical, general industry and other industries. All kinds of Desiccant dryers produced by our company are sold to domestic customers and exported to overseas countries.

Relying on high-quality human resources, perfect and mature supply chain system and customer experience accumulated over 20 years, the company is deeply engaged in industry application, actively exploring domestic and foreign markets, providing customers with high-quality, reliable, efficient and integrated compressed air post-processing, gas purification solutions as well as considerate pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

The company takes customer satisfaction as its purpose, pursues zero defect products as its quality policy, devotes to the research and promotion of zero purge and energy-saving air treatment products and technologies, adheres to international management system and manufacturing standards, and makes unremitting efforts for customer satisfaction.