Filter Element Grade

GS Oil-water Separator
Condensate is an unavoidable result of air compression. It is a chemically aggressive fluid that mainly consists of water, but also contains oil and dirt particles. The cost of hazardous waste treatment is very high. The oil-water separator from GPS have been developed to reduce or eliminate the amount of oil in the condensate. Compressed air condensate must therefore be treated in accordance with water resource legislation to achieve prescribed safety levels before it can be disposed of in the waste water system.
Features & Advantages
Meet Environmental Requirements

Special material design, multi-channel filtration of water and oil

Keep Clean and Prolong Service Life of Equipment

Efficient filtration to maintain the service life of compressed air treatment system

Technical Parameter
Model Flow Inlet Outlet Oil Outlet working Temperature Max. Working Pressure Dimension mm Weight
m³/min bar L W H Kg
GS4 4 G1/2'' DN25 N/A 5-60 16 425 390 780 15
GS8 8 G1/2'' DN25 N/A 425 390 580 22
GS15 15 2*G1/2'' DN25 DN40 1130 390 900 43
GS30 30 2*G1/2'' DN25 DN40 1130 390 1060 55
GS45 45 2*G3/4'' DN32 DN40 1340 510 1150 73
GS70 70 2*G3/4'' DN32 DN40 1340 510 1300 92

*Final overall dimensions and weight are subject to actual conditions

Remark :

Suitable for air compressor flow according to 8-hour working system
Residual amount of oil molecules in the drain <10ppm

Standard configuration:

√ Check the water intake valve
√ Water bottle