Overall reconstruction of Compressed Air System

Our engineering team, based on years of experience in the planning and designing of hundreds of compressor stations, can provide clients with overall energy-saving renovation.

Energy-saving Management

helping the management of enterprises, from the traditional extensive management to fine management. Realizing the unattended air compressor station, carrying out various data management, timely discovery of equipment and system problems.

Technological energy saving

Some advanced expert control algorithms are introduced to solve the problem of load matching by integrating the new compressor technology to realize on-demand gas supply.

Processing Energy Saving

Combined with technological requirements, a series of pipe network and end modifications such as pneumatic conveying and nozzle injection are carried out, so as to reduce enterprise gas consumption to a greater extent.

We can help customer to realize energy saving in compressor stations, including: monitoring system of air compressor room energy saving, compressor joint control management, compressor frequency conversion control, compressor operation management, compressor waste heat recovery, cooling water cycle monitoring system, high-frequency response flow sensor, intelligent flow detection, pressure. Detection of shrinkage air leakage point, energy saving of end-use gas device, intelligent gas leakage point scanner, intelligent closed-loop transformation, partial pressurization, etc. Whatever the overall or partial reconstruction requirements, we can provide quantifiable, monitorable and assessable proposals and project implementation to help clients improving productivity and keeping provide better products.

Energy Saving improvement steps